About Graystar

Graystar Trailers are specialists in designing and manufacturing Refrigerated Transport Equipment. The business is owned and operated by David and Samantha Gray, who lead a team that has extensive knowledge in this field. David’s 30 years’ experience in the industry, coupled with an entrepreneurial desire, led to the formation of Graystar Trailers in 2009. Collectively the team at Graystar Trailers has over 120 years experience in the Road Transport Industry.

Custom designing refrigerated semi trailers and rigid bodies is the core of the business. “Refrigerated Trailers
are our specialty. We care about every single trailer we build and strive to keep raising the bar”

Whilst refrigerated semi trailers are the predominate model built, we also have vast experience in the design and manufacture of dry freight equipment. Graystar Trailers are the ones to come to when you require Road Transport Equipment that is of a higher quality than that which is mass produced and/or imported. We pride ourselves on building a Premium product that is designed to with stand harsh Australian conditions.

All Graystar Trailer models are based around a full length chassis. All Chassis are designed and purpose built, in house, using lightweight high tensile steel. The solid design of the Graystar chassis makes it ideal for road train work and the extremes of Western Australia and North Queensland.

Graystar Trailers design team has made significant improvements over recent years culminating in a refrigerated trailer package that is lightweight, stronger and more thermally efficient than other manufacturers. These improvements have evolved after being approached by clients to help them achieve cost savings in their businesses. We work very closely with our clients to build a product that works for them. Requirements for different clients can vary considerably but many design changes are now used across the board. The end result is a Premium product that ticks all the boxes for the client’s applications.


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Graystar Trailers Pty Ltd

219 Dundas Street, Preston VIC 3072
Ph: 03 9484 4568
Fx: 03 9484 5126
Email: enquiries@graystartrailers.com.au

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